Our products are installed in many different application fields, mainly industrial as well as civil and safety.

Networks used by our radiomodem for transmission are independent and autonomous. As GSM/GPRS or WiFi networks are not used for transmission, high reliability is granted not depending on efficiency or congestion of these networks.
Utilized frequency band and the way data are handled allow long range transmission, over 10 Km. this distance can be increased using repeaters. On top of this, again thanks to operated frequencies, transmission is reliable even in critical situation as with buried instruments or with high background noise.

Here following some examples of typical applications: 

- remote control on distribution networs of drinking water and gas

- remote control of streetlights systems, with individual monitoring of each light and complete control of it

- remote control of watering systems in agricolture, with long distance between pump and water outlet

- text and symbols transmission on remote displays (Typically used on motorways for traffic and fuel price info)

- remote monitoring and control of industrial valves

- remote control of industrial instrumentation. All instruments with connection RS485 or RS232 can be connected wireless as they were wired

- modules for industrial controls

- machine automation. Using our RTU radiomodem(which is equipped with wireless Modbus) a wired Modbus network can be extended to a wireless apparatus, which can act as Master for other wired Modbus units.